Ausgabe zur K 2019

The PURITYCONCEPTV is a system of the PURITYSCANNER family for future-oriented lab inspection and analysis of plas- tic pellets. A technological innovation with the advantages of an optical light table as well as automatic inspection, visual- ization and evaluation of contamination in plastic material. Visit us in hall 10, booth H21 and simply put our system to the test. We inspect and analyze up to three granulate samples with the PURITY CONCEPT V for free. • Sample inspection and analysis of plastic granulate, flakes and microgranules, films, powder as well as extruded and injection molded parts • Detection and visualization of tiny contamination • Data analysis and statistics for a comprehensive documentation Your free material testing - LIVE at K 2019! The light table. Automated. 10 H21 Ausgabe 17-2019 | 17. Jahrgang Ausgabe zu der Messe: K 2019  16. – 23.10.2019  Düsseldorf kostenfrei  Fairmessage-Digital. Bequem & mobil. Fairmessage-Digital. Convenient & portable. K 2019 S. 4–5 Hallenplan S. 18–19 Messeneuheiten S. 35