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Shut-off nozzles


Swiss precision engineering combined with over 35 years experience provides you with the best shut-off system on the

market today. Quality, dedication and service are why we are the world's No. 1 manufacturer and supplier of needle and bolt shut-off

nozzles for the injection molding industry.




are used exclu-

sively in plastic

injection moulding pro-

cessing and are often an

essential component of

the machine. Installed at

the crucial interface be-

tween heated injection

unit and cooled mould,

the nozzle is the gateway

which regulates the melt

flow while bearing the

entire contact force of the





originally developed in

the 1960’s to prevent melt

drooling from the nozzle

orifice once the injection

unit pulled back from the

cold mould after injection.

This not only prevented

loss of material but also

reduced process break-

downs. Today shut-off noz-

zles are still used for this

purpose but of course the

advantages of using them

have increased consider-

ably since those times.

Nowadays the primary

functions of the shut-off

nozzle include;

• Reducing cycle times

by dosing the next shot

regardless of whether

the mould is open or if

the injection unit is


• Improving part

consistency by enabling

accurate and

repeatable shot loading

• Facilitating advanced

moulding techniques

such as physical and

chemical foaming,

melt pre-compression

and multi component

injection moulding

To cover today’s spectrum

of applications Herzog

continually develops and

expands its selection of

shut-off nozzles. The prod-

uct profile ranges from

custom-engineering solu-

tions for specific demands,

through pneumatic and

hydraulic needle and bolt

style nozzles, to economi-

cal spring loaded systems.

For over 40 years, Herzog

has built its reputation on



shut-off nozzles for injec-

tion moulding machines.

As a technology leader,

each innovative solution is

meticulously engineered at

its Swiss facility and since

1996 the company is certi-

fied in accordance with ISO


The complete range of

Herzog products will be

on display at the K-Show,

Düsseldorf in Hall 11 booth

D03. The exhibition runs

from October 19 to 26. We

warmly welcome you to

visit us!

Shut-off nozzles – K-Show 2016